Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Haloween that never ends...

Conner decided he wanted to the "green monster" this year, and perhance we ALSO had a blue monster costume that fit Spencer. I have decided that there is NOTHING CUTER than a 2 year old in a costume. They're just so cute, not having a CLUE what they're doing in this particular clothing choice. Love it. So, here a few images for your perusal.


  1. Those pics are *SO* cute. :) And cool for you getting the candle.

  2. I totally remember that was my favorite ever!! I agree about dressing up a little idea why, but when the candy starts flying, they don't seem to care anymore! What a life lesson!

  3. Your boys are absolutely adorable and I completely agree about the costume thing - there is nothing cuter!


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