Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The puzzle master

Spencer and I just did the same puzzle about 10 times in 20 minutes. The kid is in LOVE with puzzles. Of course, he has frustrations, but he seems to work through them and get it done right.
I am facinated that anyone can do something so simple for 20 minutes on end, and clap for themselves every time it's done, and enjoy it so. I wish my life was so simple and perhaps, it can be. I need to enjoy the things I have to do. After all, Spencer's work IS his play.
I think that sometimes making a "to-do" list and marking things off makes the day go a little happier. Just knowing you've accomplished something. So, I'm gonna give myself a little cheer every time I do something that needs getting done.
Laundry's in, woo-hoo
Ten-minute-tidy done, hip-hip-horray
Switched my winter clothes with my summer clothes, RAISE your HANDS, STOMP YOUR FEET, Hil-a-ree, just can't be beat.


  1. LOL! That's awesome! I especially loved the little "raise your hands, stomp your feet" cheer! That rocks!

    I have trouble staying on task sometimes so when I accomplish something that wasn't on my list, I add it to my list and then cross it off. It's wierd I know, but it's like an extra gold star for me!


  2. I derive great pleasure from crossing things off my list. And, like Mary Ruth up there, I love to write down the things I did that weren't on the list to begin with too. Makes me feel much better about the few things that don't get crossed off.


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