Back to the Nativity

I think that Joesph is a favorite of mine in the nativity. I think that most of us find ourselves in the “Joesph” situation. We are the one supporting the main figure. I can’t imagine what went through Joesph’s head. Did he wonder if the angel really came to him, did he wonder if Mary was lying? Through Joesph I learn to trust the things that I “know” and that the supporting role is just as important as the “big” role. I think that Joseph is someone I’d like to meet someday and see how he felt the whole time. I hope he teaches a class in heaven about his life. I’d sit in the front row.

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    I’m with you on that front row…Joseph is a real winner. What a guy to stick by Mary, who he of course adored, but who was pregnant in some crazy unexplainable way! He supported her in every way and then raised her son, but taught Jesus whose Son he really was. Great man, and yes, an example for all of us who serve in a more supportive role.