Caution to the wind, aka. faith

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I have made the choice to be a per diem employee. I have made it because my family is my first priority, period. This means that I am the first to be cancelled, the first to be put on call and the lowest on the proverbial totem pole. Of course, I think it takes great faith to have this job position. It is not as if we need no income from my side of the boat, in fact we need a fair amount but I have decided that I have to have faith that God will provide.
I don’t know if many of you know, but in the LDS church we pay 10% of our earnings toward tithing. It’s a fair amount, but I truly believe that if we continue to pay that we will receive blessings that will more than outweigh whatever we could have bought with the money.
I do have faith that the blessings of tithing will pull us through. They’ll put women into labor, they’ll get us the money we need. Of course, the problem is it’s money we need. We don’t need a lot in savings, we don’t need to get me a whole wardrobe, but we do need food and to pay our mortgage.
Now, the problem is letting that faith take over. I’ve always liked that scene in Indian Jones where he has to take the leap of faith over the deep crevice. I feel like I am constantly making that leap, and sometimes I feel just as scared as Mr. Indy himself. So, with one foot in front of the other we plod down our little path. Watch out for the poison ivy on the right there….

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    Can you believe last year I get my tithing settlement statement and it looks all wrong I go back and double check tripple check and low and behold I had missed 4 months of tithing. All were in line with major life changes and I just missed it. THAT sucks! I even scraped it up in two parts mind you. But I have been much more carfull this year to pay when I should and so now it feels a lot less stressfull than last year this time.

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    I hope the new year and new work arrangements will go great for you. I have complete faith in the blessings tithing brings – so if anything your blessings should be overflowing!

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    Well get ready for God to show you things because it seems when I have been strapped most for money (like right now) is when I see more of HIS miracles, I am more grateful and thankful and more dependent on HIM. And that’s a great spot to be in!

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