Christmas is sneaking up on us…

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I just walked by our Calendar, to see if anything exciting was happening this weekend. Sadly, it’s Christmas and Drew and I both are lacking the festive spirit. It just seems like Christmas is sneaking up on us. No family parties, no snow, each of us basically knowing what we’re getting… We are excited for the kids, and excited for some new toys around the house (amen)… but I wish something would get us in the mood. I do believe this is our first Christmas completely “alone”. I had a brother that lived here when we first moved here, and we did some Christmas fun with them on the big day, and last year were were in UT… but now we’re by ourselves. Does anyone have anything that gets them in the spirit? We made treats for friends today and mostly I wanted to take the curly ribbon and wrap it around our kids…
Man, is there a prozac spray? The Ericksons could sure use some.

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    LOL… if you find some prozac spray can you pass some our way??

    Sorry you’re feeling blue about Christmas. I’m right there with you!! No family, no friends here, weird state where they all tallk funny and wear boots and big belt buckles. sigh. Just not feelin’ the Christmas magic this year.;

    Good luck! Hoping that your kids make it merry and bright!

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    We’re in the same boat…we know what we’re getting and we’ll be completely alone for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I was hoping this would be a good chance for us to establish some of our own little family traditions…but inspiriation hasn’t quite hit yet as to WHAT to do! It’ll come, and it’ll be a great Christmas! Enjoy the autonomy!

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