Christmas Party Photos… get in the spirit (DANG IT)

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Last night was the ward Christmas party, and yes… Garth Ghelbach rocked it out on the drums, and Conner rocked it even harder clad as a shepherd. The primary kids dressed up as shepherds and angels (yesterday afternoon Conner told me he wanted to dress-up as an angel I told him I didn’t think I had the fortitude to lie that hard — ok, I didn’t, but I wanted to). In perhaps the most shocking event of the night, we learned that Justin Spencer DOES DISHES, and actually can clean like a merry-maid. Check him out, looking like I found him doing pot, instead of cleaning out the juice container. Nice job Justin (Catmull put me up to this). BTW, Conner asked Santa for a fantastic four costume. Seriously, do they even make those? And why on EARTH wasn’t that SANTA’S RESPONSE? Oh well… at least I got him to get a some “good boy” reminders in. Love that Santa fella.

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  1. says

    Great photos! I saw the “thing” hans at Wal mart today but didn’t see any costumes. Don’t you sew? I thought all Mormons knew how to sew! :-)

  2. gg says

    Many thanks for the plug and the review (you’ll have to add Gehlbach to your spell-checker, though). And you must have digitally altered the photo of Justin… I just can’t believe he can perform kitchen duties.

    Hope you get to enjoy the Christmas amidst all the activities. ((Warning, rant coming)) We have not had a moment’s rest the entire month of December. Especially with elementary school, every class or group wants to do multiple activities throughout December… which may be OK if you have one kid and no sports, girl/boy scouts, church-related projects, etc… but add it up and I think we’re going to explode!

    Hoping to catch the spirit of Christmas, and wishing you well.

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