I love Mondays

Ok, totally know that I’m a freak — but I just feel like it’s a fresh start on the week, etc. I get up early, mop my floors, read my scriptures, take a shower — all before 7:30 so that I am not dealing with Spencer drowning in the mop bucket (it happens, don’t laugh).
So, everyone take the fresh start of the week and do something great.
I hope to…
(usually this happy attitude leaves about 12:25 when i pick-up Conner). :)

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    Wow! What a woman! Such a great attitude for a Monday and I totally admire your abilitiy to get up early and get stuff done! Ahhhhhhh, maybe someday I’ll get there….

  2. says

    so impressive! I slept til 10 today. shame on me!! didn’t get anything I needed to done… do you want to come and mop at my house?? you can play with my paper when you’re done :)