The beauty of living in CA

Alright, so we didn’t rest for long after our trip. This morning we found ourselves at Home Depot picking out some new flowers for the front, and some pea seeds for our garden. Seriously, people — it’s February! So, the picture of the flowers are our newly blooming bulbs (or tulips are already almost ) which I am totally in love with. And the container I planted today. I am loving all the colors. Our house is so white, I feel like I need to spruce it up with flowers. I am sure Home Depot appreciates every dollar. :)

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    Sounds like Disneyland was fun…except for Lucifer, of course! :) I’m totally jealous that you have enough warmth to have flowers. I am feeling so blue in this drab, bland, cold, Midwest! Enjoy them for me!

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    I am missing planting my flowers right now…but luckily some of the violas from last year are showing up for me anyway. :) Joys of living in AZ.