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For the safety of our few meager posessions, I chose not to post that we were going out of town for a few days, but we did. We went to DISNEYLAND. Lucky us. Anyway, it was awesome, and I’ll save that post for later but I had a few thoughts as I left the park last night. We were dashing out after the parade with the cast members behind us saying “go, go, go” (because we were crossing the street during the parade, and no one wants a giant goofy running over a stroller) so I’m going and apparently I got the guy ahead of me a couple times with my stoller. And he turns around and looks like I’ve stabbed him (he has a stroller himself) and tells me if I’m in such a hurry to get AHEAD of him (Which, I totally understand — but it’s disneyland, if I got mad every time someone hit me with their stroller I’d probably have a massive coronary before 2 of my 4 day hopper pass was up). So, I tell him that I am really sorry and I do get ahead of him. And then we were taking a quick picture of Conner in front of Mickey and I hear him and his family saying that if they had someone get them with their stroller they’d bet the @#%*# out of them. And so I just whirled around and said I was really sorry but didn’t realize it was worth bad-mouthing me to the whole park. And he wanted to take-up fisticuffs with Drew but we had a bus to catch.
Anyway, I was really bugged by the whole moment. Just moments before this doc had come-up to Spencer had I thought his whole world had burst with glee. Everything seemed just right, and then this guy (who I will now refer to as Lucifer — just kidding) has to come-out of nowhere and say something really mean. Seems like something like this happened the last time we were leaving Disneyland.
Then, we got home, put the kids in bed and were watching the Women’s skating. There was that from Turkey whose parents had put their whole lives aside to help her with her skating — moving to Canada so she could train. It was such a great story — just how parents will do anything for their kids. And perhaps that was the topper to the Disney story. I didn’t go on all my favorite rides (although I did ride Space Mountain a couple of times — great new music peeeps) I did have a great time with my kids, things we most definately wouldn’t have done at home and this is an age to savor them, to build relationships and to be a family. I can’t let anything ruin those good times, regardless of how hard they try.

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    Some people just don’t have compassion. But you’re right, you can’t let it ruin your fun just because they feel the world is out ot get them.

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    Welcome back!! But next time you go out of town will you please privately email and let me know so I don’t check your blog a million times a day waiting for an update… I promise I won’t drive all the way to Cali and steal your stuff… i’m horrible with directions I’d never find your house anyway even if I did want to steal some of your scrapbook supplies :)

    Sorry about the butt head guy… but you’re right these are the little momenbts that need to be savored (your kids, not the butt head)

    welcome home!!!!!!!!!!

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