Living a tradgedy

Something happened last night, a tiny life was lost of a good friend of mine. Just a few days alive and then gone.
The problem is, I can’t get on with my life. I drive down the road and cry, I woke-up crying… and this is not my child. His mom is a friend of mine, I wouldn’t say super-great, but I would have gone to her shower…
Perhaps the real problem is that his mom and I both work in a place where happy endings are the norm, regardless of how many packs a day someone smokes or if they breathe in oven cleaner for fun, most times — the baby pops out, cries and everyone goes home to live their own happy lives.
And yet, a baby so wanted, a baby that thousands was spent to conceieve and IT is the one that is lost. That, my friends is what I can’t get over.
It wasn’t the 13 year old who was raped by her father, it was the 15 year old who didn’t think to cross her legs, it wasn’t the family that isn’t happy that hasn’t been trying for years…
It was little baby R…
And yet mine, when I got home from work were asleep…
Life surely is the luck of the draw…

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    So sorry for your friend’s loss and your sadness. Man you deal with some of the hardest stuff and it isn’t anything we can make sense out of. Even though the little guy was here for a short time – he was loved and that will last forever!

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    I was deeply touched by how it had affected you when you came home. The first thought that came to mind, “Wow, I married a really christlike person. This is a great example of what ‘bearing one another’s burdens’ means.” I love you!

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