A little better than before

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I find myself, every day — just trying to make it a little better than the day before. For instance, S has been taking a sippy cup with him in the car to drop Conner off every day. It’s a huge ordeal for him to give it up. So, today I just decided to get rid of it before we got to the car — baby steps that make each day a little easier.
Mind you, there are plenty of days I take giant stpes back, but it’s the intent, am I right here?
So — pick something, to do a little bit better on today.
I did pilates today, and I have been slacking on that. Frankly, the day’s just going fabulously. :)

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    Eden has major issues with a pacifier. He only gets it at bedtime but goes crazy without it. Soooooo Next week is spring break and since I will have Brandon here to support me day and night we are taking Eden to the store where he his going to trade his pacifier to the checker along with money to get a toy or something for a new attachment. Then when he asks for it we present the new toy and remind him he “traded” it

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