Thursday, May 18, 2006

Who Am I

Each year, in my journal on my birthday (or the day before) I recount how the year's gone, and how I feel I'm doing in my goals.
Where did I think I'd be at 30. I think, in the back of my mind, growing-up 30 was my "goal" -- be married, have kids the white pickett fence and all that jazz.
Is this how I thought my life would be? No.
I had no idea what motherhood would take from me, I don't know WHAT I really envisioned my career being. Did I have a clue that scrapbooking would be the part of my life that it is now? No.
Did I know how much I would love being a mother? DEFINATELY not. I so enjoy all these moments with my little guys. I can't believe the things we share. And two boys -- frankly, kids -- that was never in the picture back when I was 12.
Actually, in the big picture of things -- this is exactly where I thought I'd be at 30. Happy at home. I think as you look back, all those little things don't really matter quite as much -- just bumps, or jumps in the road.


  1. Yeah...kind of funny where life takes us. I never thought I'd still live in student housing at age 31, but I also never thought that I would be happy doing it!

  2. It is interesting to think how our lives are different now than we thought they would be when we were 20. Just think of all the cool stuff we'll have to look back on (hopefully) when we are celebrating 40.


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