Tuesday, June 20, 2006

FHE last night

So, our FHE was on fighting again last night. This time I chose to focus on the trip to UT and how were were ALL going to peacemakers on the trip.
First, I asked who wanted to have a VERY fun trip to UT (and we all raised our hands -- Spencer is a HUGE raise his hand-er), and then I asked who wanted to have an awful trip to UT (Spencer still raised his hand, but I digress). I think asked the question who was going to make it a great trip to UT. We played hangman to get the answer "peacemakers". BTW -- hangman was great at this age. Spencer is just learning his letters, and was able to play along, even though he couldn't guess the word.
Then, we went on to talk about how kids (and really everyone) have a funny thing inside their head that makes them think that whatever toy someone else has is the FUNNEST TOY IN THE WORLD. And Conner got this smile on his face because he KNEW that was true. So we said how all kids feel that way, and even sometimes gown-ups feel that way. Then, we went on to talk about how it's OK to get angry if someone takes a toy or whatever, but we need to get over the anger and figure out a solution that everyone likes.
So, Drew and I had a play fight over a toy in the car, and then we worked-out a situation that was agreeable to the both of us. We asked Conner if he thought he could do something like that, and we went over some other possible situations. Reminding him that it was the FIGHTERS job to come-up with the solution, not mom and dad.
And then we ended the lesson on the fact that whoever was being a REALLY good peacemaker would get to choose our "sixty mile treat" from the special treat bag in the car (I typed-up some car games, getting a present, etc and put them all in a baggie so they could pick a game each time they turned-in a ticket).
So... there it is... wish us luck next week!

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