a BRAND NEW addition to the Ericksons!

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Seriously folks, this girl’s a beaut! She’s a 2003 Odessey, and we have chosen to call her Homer. On second thought — I guess it’s a boy… since it’s blue like everything else in this house. Well, kinda green… word’s still out on the color. But we brought her home today, and she’s ours — Powertrain Warranty and all. :)

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Transitioning to the bunkbeds
You say you wanna look like BUZZ Lightyear?


  1. says

    Finally had to move into “mini-van-hood”? Is this because you need more room…like for more kids….just checking! It looks like a real sweet ride! We just put my car (the Highlander I got in Cali) on the market today and although we’re not getting a minivan, an Odessey is what we’d get if we were! Congratulations!

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