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I just wanted to mention that I am not going into this photography thing to become rich. I already have nursing doing that for me. Not to mention the fact my husband is a teacher (hello, LUCRATIVE).
I really feel like photography is an amazing thing. I know I would’ve paid a fair amount of money to have had Conner photographed when he was a newborn, just because those moments don’t come again. I’ve had people ask, and I can’t keep doing it for free, so I named my price.
However, if this is something you really want for your family, and the price seems prohibitive. Please email me. I’m sure there’s something we can work out.
I saw an interesting segement on the Today Show today. It was about what makes people happy. They noted some things we could do to make ourselves happier:

  • Decrease our commute time (I doubt ours could get any less, must be why we’re such a chipper family).
  • Spend more time with friends (going to lunch today… I’m going to try and get weekly lunch dates, just makes you feel SO DANG GOOD about your life).
  • Use your money to buy experiences, not things (again, I am a huge proponent of vacations… did I mention that I cried during the fireworks show at Disneyland).

It was interesting to note that having more money wasn’t on the list. They said that you want to feel as though you make simliar to your family and friends, but once you accomplish paying for your bills, mortgage, etc. Happiness doesn’t increase. Anyway, I just think that photography can be one of those experiences that you savor forever. Your family is never going to be the same as it is today, right now, ever again.

Also, if this photography thing takes too much time away from my family, I’m gonna forget it. Family, church, work and then my little hobby. I’m trying to keep it that way (hence, I will be really limiting the # of shoots/month).

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