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Some of you may have heard my woes with Wells Fargo. I took Conner in for his first Savings account, and a week later I realized that not only did we get a savings account, but they had signed me up for a Credit Card and some weird rewards system that I would be charged a yearly fee for.
I never OK’d an application, and I was never talked to (Conner and I were set for bowling right after we stashed his moola, so I coudn’t waste time with extra crap). I wanted to post a little letter here that I have written to the Office of Thrift Supervision:

Office of Thrift Supervision
PO Box 7165
San Francisco, CA 91420

To the Office of Thrift Supervision:

On October 14th, 2006 I went to my local Wells Fargo branch located at XXX NEAR ME RD, in Santa Clara, CA. I went to sign my son up for his first savings account. We went in, made his account, and she told me I need to sign on her electronic pad a couple of times to sign him up for his account (she told me I need to do this, because the account would be under my name as well). At no time did she mention me signing up for a credit card, or anything of the sort. The pad that I signed on just said that all the information I had given was correct — and, it was. I already have a large home equity line through Wells Fargo and I am not interested in obtaining a credit card as well.

The following week I received my card as well as a few notices that I had signed up for the “Wells Fargo Reward Program.” I called Wells Fargo saying that I had not signed up for a credit card and I wanted the application sent to me ASAP. I also closed the account that day. I did/do not want the account.

I did not receive the application I had requested, and followed-up with it today. I spoke with the branch manager and was asked to come down and speak to both himself and the Wells Fargo Representative (XXX) that signed me up for the account. I went to the bank. I spoke with both and and was told that this was obviously a misunderstanding. I do not believe it was a misunderstanding and no amount of apologies will make fraud a “misunderstanding”. I do not like the way I was treated at Wells Fargo, feeling as if I was in the wrong, it was my fault. There is proof that Ms. did this, in that she put the wrong name in for my mother’s maiden name (I have yet to find-out what name she did put in, but I know it is neither my mother’s name nor my own maiden name – the people at my branch wouldn’t tell me, nor would the people I spoke on the phone through the credit card 1-800 #). There is no way I would fill-out a form by myself and make an error in that part. I still have yet to see the form, even after my initial request and a request of Mr. .
During the process of trying to find-out when I had applied, etc. through the Wells Fargo corporate line, I was told that this type of thing happens very often. Representatives have things “pop-up” on their screen that they are supposed to offer the customer. They receive incentives for each person they sign-up. Instead of offering the customer the option, they just click yes, and fill in the form for the customer, information that they do not have – like a person’s mother’s maiden name is just made-up. I do not know if this is the case at Wells Fargo, but I do know that I never filled out a form, nor was I asked to fill out any such form. This is a situation that needs to be resolved. I would like a follow-up on any information that you obtain. Thank you very much.

I Cc’d that letter to Wells Fargo Coporate, Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Division and the manger of the bad bank. I’d like to share a nice little ending that I complied to the cover letter for the CC’d.

Most of all, I am saddened that incident occurred on the happy occasion of my son getting his first savings account. Perhaps, in further evaluation of your processes, you would realize that opening a child’s savings account is not an appropriate time to ask the parents if they would like a credit card, and even a less-appropriate time to commit fraud.

If there isn’t a little time for sarcasm — what has this world come to?
Anyway, I just wanted to share that it’s out there and it sounds like it happens fairly frequently. Something to keep your eyes open for.

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    Your letter rocks! It’s too bad something lame like that happened so you had to write it, but it was great. I hate stuff like that happening.

  2. says

    Sure it’s a “misunderstanding” not the F word…(fraud). This has got lawsuit written all over it. They should be scared out of their begeezez. You need to tell Clark Howard about this. He’s my idol.

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