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Tomorrow we’re getting the boy’s Hepatitis A shots.
Does anyone else have their kids get these? Most of my friends seem to be split.
I am definitely pro-shots. However, I didn’t get this one for a while. I don’t like to the guinea pig for shots. Well, re-phrase that. I am fine being the guinea pig. My children… they are not up for testing at this point. Perhaps when they’re teenagers. However, once I heard that UT was starting to require it for Kindergarten registration I figured we’d just get it over with.
We had a child, when I worked for the pediatrician, whose mother was anti-immunization. The child ended-up getting leukemia and actually had some really severe consequences for not being immunized earlier.
Also, I always think — what if everyone was like the people that don’t get shots. Do you know how blessed are to have immunizations? I mean, has anyone reading this blog ever heard a child with whooping cough, or seen the disabling effects of polio… Each person that doesn’t get it is that virus’s step to making a comeback.
I digress, to each mom’s choice their own, just wanted to make my own stance perfectly clear.
Anyway, Conner is a big 1st grader and I know he’s going to be awful. Just like has been since he was 4 months old.
Has anyone ever turned this into a positive experience? Should I just sit him down with my microbiology book and show him what Hepatitis A does to your liver?
Should I beat him into submission?
I’ve done the honesty route.
I’ve done the pin him down while he screams route (which is basicly my back-up).
And I’ve done the “you’ll get a really great treat if you do this right” — and that has alway fallen to the back-up plan in the end.

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    We didn’t get Hep A until we moved to Utah adn had to for B to go to school.

    And, basically, I have to hold her down in order for her to get her shots. And she screams the whole time. I’m no help in that department.

  2. says

    Carson got Hep A because we lived in UT. Now that we are in WA, our doctor hasn’t even mentioned it for Addy. Carson just had his big ‘Pre-Kindergarten Check-up’ last week: 4 shots, 2 in each arm. The best thing I could do is just get it over with as quickly as possible….it is really amazing that you nurses can get 4 shots over with in 10 seconds. You must have some kind of super power….I always do the special fast food lunch of his choice right after his appointment. McDonalds really does own the universe. Good luck!

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    The only grievance I have with shots is that they start them so dang early and so many at one time. I know it is not proven yet but there is a theory that those children who are predisposed to Autism may actually have it triggered by the multiple shots they receive when they are young because their body is not ready to process it. I waited with my 2nd until he was 5. I have a 1/2 brother and sister that are Autistic so I rather be safe than sorry.

  4. says

    I am 100% for immunizations. I’m always flabbergasted by people that don’t have their children immunized (yes, sadly I do know some) and to be honest it makes we not want my children to play with theirs. Anyway, I hate the screaming and all three of my kids are screamers, but it’s worth it in the end.

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