Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spying Thoughts of the Day

I spent some more time spying on Conner today.

Again, I flipped through his composition book. I wil quote a personal favorite here:

"I wish for a world without coffee or weapons. Then it would be full of love."

Perhaps I should be stressing smoking and drugs being JUST as bad as coffee, if not worse. :)

That's the Mormon kid in the class for ya!


  1. Funny how we sometimes attach SO much importance to the Word of Wisdom that we forget the more egregious stuff....not to say the WoW isn't important. His little comment just reminded me that I've been thinking that lately.

    You're a good mom...teaching him whilst he's young.

  2. hee, hee - so funny! Who knows? Maybe without all that caffeine out there we'd have less crime perhaps? lol


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