My Little Buddy

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Frankly, my little buddy just aint’ so little anymore. Just lately it’s hitting me how big he is. First that fine African Dance performance, and now the science fair. Conner did an experiment about how many hematite balls he could hang from certain metals we had around the house. He did a really great job with it (btw, this particular picture reminds me to look at my LCD when I take a photo. This is the only one I took last night and ISN’T IT FINE? Oh well… sometimes I forget that I’m digital for a reason).

Just recently I got Conner his own email address. It’s been hilarious to see what he types to people. Definitely some insight into what happens around our house. If anyone is interested in emailing him, or even starting-up pen-pals between 2 kids, please email me.

Yesterday we re-started piano lessons. I got this book on the recommendation of my friend Lara. I’m somewhere into chapter 2. It’s really great though. I constantly have a hard time correcting Conner without him feeling like he’s mortally wounded and him lashing out like a rabid dog. This includes his piano practice (which I actually stopped in October because it got so bad), homework, and things around the house. Let’s just say he’s a child that doesn’t take correction well. Anyway, I really like how this book shows you to emaphsize to the kids that you’re practicing to make it easier, and if we do things to correct them, it’s just to make it EASEIER… not because they’re a bad person. I hope it’ll help. We also instituted some reward programs for good practicing and homework behaviors. So far, so good.
Anyway, the little guy’s getting so big. We were watching home movies the other day, I was amzed to see how little he used to be, with his pudgey little face and the blanket of curls around his head… and now look at him, ready to take-on the world.

Go dude, go.

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    It must be something about being 6…I was just looking at B the other day and realizing how not little girlish she looks now. She’s lost all that baby fat and it kind of makes me sad…

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