Monday, May 07, 2007

Truth About the Mormon Woman

They talked a bit on that documentary about the Mormon woman. I get what they're saying. There's a LOT of presure to be a Mormon wife. There's a lot of cooking skills "required" and home-making skills. I remember having an entire 1.5 hour activity on wrapping presents once when I was in Young Women. I mean, honestly -- couldn't the time have been better spent on a lecture on how to study, or picking a career... instead it was on wrapping presents. I doubt that many young women are having that particular lesson any time soon.... and I'm glad to see that our church has progressed. BTW, I feel a terrible shame every time I don't use double-sized tape to wrap my presents, or leave a raw end showing... I think of that particular leader EVERY time. She didn't mention that one day your kids would have GINORMOUS presents to wrap and you'd just be happy to even get the paper around them, little loan care about a raw edge, but I digress.... (come to think of it, a lesson on that would've been helpful -- "Proper Body Mechanics of Wrapping your Husband's new Stereo System and then Hiding it in the Garage").

Anyway, I whole-heartedly am aware that I get caught-up in the frenzy every now and then too... I feel like my house needs to be spotless 24 hours a day (honestly, I have no idea why -- no one comes to visit us, I do know that I enjoy a clean, uncluttered home very much though), I need to have my dinner thought of by 10 am the morning of... just so I can make sure I have everything, I should have more children (which is in direct dessention to having my house clean 24 hours a day)..... And honestly, it's all good stuff, it's how I survive.... my life runs better when I do this stuff... but I can see how someone might need Prozac to get through a day like that. I even felt it with my scrapbook pages... although are my thoughts related to publication, and a competition to be a great scrapbooker, or are they because I just want to fit in with the group I've chosen. Like, I want to fit-in with my Mormon peeps. Is the pressure competition, or a drive that was instilled when we were only 12?

Anyway, why do you think we feel the pressure, and do you have any idea why there is such a high prozac useage in Utah?


  1. The Prozac usage is because Mormons can't turn to alcohol to help their depression...and I'm totally serious, I honestly think that.

    And I'm trying to give up on the perfectionism. Currently my house isn't very clean, so I'm doing a great job. :)

  2. My thoughts on prozac is the weather, seriously winter is way toooooo long there. And as far as the pressure, I dont know that it is just the Mormon woman. I think that is such a bad call, I think all woman have pressure on being the supermom, the homemaker. Just my thoughts.

  3. Perfectionism!!! Period the end. I'm a California girl and I started to take it on myself, because there was no beach here, if you know with I mean!


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