Good thing

Good thing I took Conner in — turns-out they are no recommending a varicella booster (Varicella is the chicken pox shot) sometime between 4 and 8… so he got that today.
Shockingly, no crying for the shot (but don’t be around him if he stubs his toe).
I let him play Mrs. Pac Man on my cell phone while he got the shot, it was a big hit.

In other news, most annoying quote of the day:
Let me set the scene, I’m working the swing shift tonight, and then I’m on call tomorrow like 7 hours later. I figure I’d better take a bit of a nap, so I lay down an hour before work… Conner comes-in like 5 times while I’m asleep asking to play a computer game. I say, “NO, and you have to ask your dad, your dad is in charge right now.”
Conner’s response? “But mom, dad’s sleeping.”
Seriously, I need a new job.

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  1. says

    That is annoying.

    My kids just want to be where I am, whether I am asleep or in the shower or trying to have some alone time. They do not do this to Joel.