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Happy First Day of School to all my fellow moms out there today! It’s a happy thing indeed at our house. I still felt the strain of growing up, that Conner’s a big second grader now, thankfully there were no strains that had to do with worrying about his teacher, his friends stuff like that. Conner has already been in class with about 3/4 of the kids that are in the class. We’ve already had lots of talks about making sure we’re friends with ALL of the fireflies, not just the ones he already knows. That might be a tough sell.
Felt bad for my little dude. Some mean kid made fun of him (he was in his kindergarten class, but somehow his name illudes me) for having the same backpack now as he did in Kindergarten. I could tell this kid had the 12.99 backpack from Target that he’d ruin within minutes of having it. His parents were nowhere to be seen… shocking.
So, the first day of school is scary in many ways… new friends, new teachers, new procedures at school as we grow-up. All very exciting. BUT, it’s also scary in that parents who will never bring their kids to school again are there driving like crazies. Man, drop-off was like taking my life into my hands. Parents stopping anywhere in the drop-off zone (even though there are signs CLEARLY showing that you should drive to the end to drop-off). Yikes.
Tonight starts Soccer, I think I’m almost as nervous for this as I am for school.
Go team.

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    Happy first day! Dallin only had one hour of Kinder today…then nothin’ til Friday when he goes FULL DAY!!! Feelin’ the joy!

    Stupid mean kid.

    We just finished summer soccer and now fall soccer starts tomorrow….what was I thinking! At least piano lessons don’t begin for a few weeks. All of a sudden I’m this mother who over schedules her poor kid…..HELP!!

    My little Ashton was so sad when I left with Dallin today….glad he has preschool to go to, but also glad it doesn’t start for another week!

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