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So, I had a lot of good comments on my motherhood post. I thought I would share some of them here
Stop feeling sorry for myself. I completely agree. I think that as a teacher’s wife we find the extremes intolerable (and that seems to come from most teacher’s wives I’ve talked to). One month your husband is home full time and you wish he’d find something to do, and one month he’s gone entirely and completely in charge and has no way of escaping. However, Drew is definitely home more then the average father when you even out all the months. I probably build marching band season up too much.
Yell from my diaphragm. Thanks for the info, I will try. Nothing’s more annoying then yelling at your kids and then realizing your throat hurts. :)
Watch what I’m eating. I totally agree with this one. When Drew’s gone I’m less likely to build good healthy meals. This weekend seemed to be a lot of trailing him around to places and trying to work food around that… so that can really be a culprit.
Acknowledge to the kids when I’m ornery. I think this is big. I mean, they’re angry some of the time and I’m fine if they yell in their room or punch pillows. I expect them to apologize when they yell at me, so I should do the same. Set a good example of dealing with my emotions.
Watch mistakes, don’t make them again. Life’s a learning process. I also learned that no mom is perfect so that helps me to remember that every one’s going through days like this, and somehow that helps me to feel better too.

So, this week I’m going to work on positive reinforcement. Conner’s teacher is SO good at this, and I’ve been using it when I teach ABC school and it does wonders. So, yesterday during church I wrote down some of the ways I can instill positive reinforcement in our home. Some ways I thought of are
Stickers (I bought like 1,000 tiny stickers and it’s amazing what a little sticker in recognition of a job well done can do).
Allowing kids to have input into what they eat.
Doing an activity with the kids.
Computer time
TV time
Positive words and a hug.
Do you guys have anything else that you use to accentuate the positive in your house?

BTW, the chastity lesson is done. I think I was more nervous to teach that one then any other, surprising since that’s my background. However, I was nervous what the older women would think. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone. :)
AND, I am vowing to get back into scrapbooking. I am LOVING the digital books that a lot of my friends are doing, so classy and clean (not to mention easier)… but I decided to stick with the handmade look for now. So, 4 layouts done yesterday, one of them I’m not posting beceause I’d have to block out too many kids. :)

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  1. says

    Being around military moms who have husbands gone for 12-18 months while getting shot at makes me more humble. I try not to complain when I gain perspective. But…doesn’t change how it feels.

  2. says

    Very good points that we should all remember. :)

    Love the layouts. They are not ridiculously simple. It’s cool to see how much your grandma and your mom look alike.

  3. Anonymous says

    Love your comments–I yelled at my 2 year old this morning (bad, bad mommy!), so they were very timely for me. Congrats on scrappin’, too. Lovely LOs!!!


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