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Spring has come to the beautiful bay. I mean, I’m sure we’ll have a few ugly days left, but it’s BEAUTIFUL outside. I was sweating bullets yesterday as i turned the land (pa would be so proud).
So, spring is the time to plant. First on the list is peas. We’re also hoping to include carrots (which we have NOT had much luck with in the past — I think I really need to loosen the soil before I plant these guys), radishes, cucumbers (no luck last year with that guy either), peppers, raspberries (our plants die EVERY year — again, just hoping against hope), watermelons, pumpkins (both of those being strictly for the children, they think they’ll be AMAZING — we’ll see), tomatoes, corns, beans, squash (those 3 together — hoping the squash will keep pesky critters out of the corn this year), cauliflower, broccoli, squash AND strawberries.
Planting requires a lot of faith, hope, diligence — many great things to learn in life. And NOW, it has its own drip system, which I can’t WAIT to obsess over.
I fear that my obsession that each blade of grass receive an equal amount of water isn’t fixed by our sprinkler system. I mean, it will HAVE to be better later in the season, but i find so much joy in standing there, watching it sprinkler and adjust each one to within a minutia of its life.
So, planting is set to begin soon. What plants have you had good luck with? Does anyone have a favorite gardening blog? I’d love to read about other’s sucesses.

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  1. says

    Wow! You are super women…tackling so many items in your garden…good for you! We have had good luck in Seattle with strawberries and tomatoes. Our first year of raspberries was last year and didn’t produce much, but lived…so we are hoping for this season. You must have a ginormous garden, post some pics so we can all admire you! (and your drip system).

  2. Sarah says

    I am so jealous that you’re working in the yard!! We’re still in the middle of piles of dirty snow, yucky air and cold temperatures. I saw that my pear trees have some buds on them though, so maybe there’s hope…..
    Sarah :)

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