Gettin’ the Monk Down

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Did you ever see the Monk episode where he went on drugs and he kept sayin’ “you’re gettin’ the Monk down.”

Well, they’re gettin’ the Hilly down.

I’m not a super big fan of certain parts of the management of my work. As a whole I love my job. Our patients are great (a step up from my other hospital — in most cases), my coworkers are amazing and I enjoy that I’m helping people as well as making money. After almost 4 years there I feel a real bond with many of the nurses, and I’m very happy about that.

Yesterday I got my evaluation. It was less than stellar.

I was shocked.

Mostly I was shocked by what wasn’t stellar about it. I mean, there are plenty of things I could work on — but the things she mentioned, I think she was totally off base.

And I have a complex where I want everyone to like me, and the fact that she said these things about me is killing me. Thankfully, after the evaulation (by someone who’s seen me work about two times) I talked with some very honest co-workers (who I have worked with the whole 4 yeras) who also felt like what she said was also entirely off base.

But here’s the real issue. I work about 8 hours a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
I am with my kids about 9 million hours a week (give or take 8.5 million), doing the whole family thing. With them, there are real issues (Conner has this whole not following through on stuff thing as of late that I am HATING) that it’s entirely my job to resolve. I am the manager, the worker, the co-worker, the director and the CEO (I mean, Drew has a few jobs somewhere in there — but I think we all know where I’m coming from there).

And yet, I’m letting someone who says something that I know in my heart to be untrue get me down.

And so I pray. I pray that I can not let it affect my life, that I won’t let it affect my ability to be a good nurse. I am so thankful for a Father in Heaven who understands how very unforgiving I can be on certain issues and helps me with those.

How do you get over stuff like this?

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  1. says

    It’s tough. I hate it when someone believes something about me that isn’t true. Obsess about it, even.

    But you’re right, you have a more important job, and as long as you don’t get fired over it. Oh well. Just work to prove the evaluator wrong, and move on.

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