Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Total Geekdom

I have about 9 million cooking magazines -- give or take 8.75 million. :)

However, I can NEVER find the recipe I want -- I end up spending so much time looking for the recipe I want -- it's just outrageous, so I decided to make an excel file of all of my favorites.

I went about doing it by looking online and found this link that shows an index for Martha Stewart's everyday food magazines. I downloaded it (link's just down the page), then deleted all her stuff, and added my own (keeping the nice formatting at the top). If you click on mine you'll notice I have a LOT of categories (those are the ones in purple) so that if I'm in the mood, I can sort them that way and it will be a "voila" moment.

I also found-out I can hyperlink recipes that I find online and put them in as well (then, when I click on them, the recipe -- as long as it's still online -- will just come up -- HELLO, that's so genius!). I also made columns for recipes that take a while to cook (and could easily be done on time bake on those nights where I need to), and one for ones that I'd like to try.

Anyway, I hope it's as exciting as it all sounds. It has a lot to live up to at this point.

1 comment:

  1. Wow....that is way too organized for me. Especially since it's about cooking.

    But, go you! :)


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