TMI: Glucose Intolerance — week 6 or so

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Again, if you don’t like reading the nitty gritty, feel free to stop reading here. This one won’t be near as bad as the last though. :)

Anywho, I went to the Kaiser class (yes, 8 years of childbirth experience and I still had to attend the Kaiser class, which was thankfully only 45 min.) in which they told me I had to get a 1 hour glucose test because of my family history of diabetes. I glumly went and took it, and it was high. SO, that triggered the need for a 3 hour glucose. I had an awful time when I had to take it with Spencer but I went anyway (thanks to some help from some friends — can’t stand the fact I waste 3 hours doing absolutely nothing). So, for those of you not versed in this, during the 3 hour glucose tolerance test (which is pretty-well only given in pregnancy) you get your blood taken (a fasting result), then you drink a VERY sugary drink (I think it has something like 150 mg of sugar or something), and you have your blood taken 3 times (every hour) thereafter. Here were my results:

Fasting 98 (high — should be <95)
1 hour 160 (normal — should be <180)
2 hour 91 (normal — should be <155)
3 hour 37 (freakishly low — should be <145)

My body obviously had a pretty severe reaction to all that sugar (I am in no way a candy whore, more a baked treat whore). Anyway — as I was reading online guzzling down a gallon of OJ after the test I read that anything less than 40 usually goes into a coma. Of course, I was driving home, picking up Spencer, feeling the “joy” (I had taken a PB and honey sandwich with me, which Drew LOADED up the honey on — so that is probably what kept me from dying). I felt absolutely awful the rest of the day, and of course it was a band day so I had no assistance with children — isn’t that always the way? I actually threw-up the next day, which is the first time I have ever done it in any of my pregnancies.

ANYWAY, because my initial fasting was high I have what is considered fasting glucose intolerance. It can also be termed pre-diabetes, which isn’t surprising since I have a pretty severe family history and I’m still overweight (but not obese!– YAY).

Kaiser had a dietician call me, and she was really helpful (most places would only place you on a diet if 2 of the 4 results were bad, but Kaiser has found it’s helpful to start the diet portion at least, if only one result is bad). So this is my diet now: I eat 3 meals during the day, and these consist of 30-45 mg of carbs with some protein. I also have 3 snacks during the day which consist of 30′ish carbs and some protein (plus any low carb veggies to my heart’s delight). The dietitian was concerned that I don’t eat after dinner. I haven’t since I started my fancy diet back when I was losing weight. She said that’s a myth that eating later in the evening makes you gain weight, we just need to be careful of WHAT we eat. Essentially I would eat around 6 pm and then not eat again until 7:30′ish am (and I work out before I eat). She’s right, I haven’t gained weight, but I’m also eating a smaller amount then I might have normally and the food is better for me (lately it’s been a portion of sugar free pudding and possibly some roasted soy beams).

So far the diet is really helping. I don’t feel nearly as nauseated (I’m not supposed to eat fruit for my first meal, and I noticed when I did that I would feel REALLY nauseated afterwards — and the times when I’ve REALLY gone off the diet I have felt pretty nauseated). I haven’t gained any weight so far and I enjoy the things I’m eating. Now, I must admit that in 2 of my 6 meals, I a most likley eating cheese (as my protein), but really — it’s my crystal meth. Also, I’m not eating a ton of it so that helps. There’s not supposed to be any sugary stuff. So no halloween candy, no treats at FHE, nothing like that — but so far so good. I am sure I’ll probably mess-up a couple of times during Christmas but when I feel sick afterwards that is a good reminder to stick with what they told me.

Anyway, I don’t have to check my blood sugar, so that’s a bonus (but I don’t actually know what it is when I’m feeling sick). I will have to take the test again at 28 weeks (well, the 1 hour, and then if I fail that I will have to take the 3 hour again — although, my doctor is going to stop it at 2 hours so I don’t go into a coma this time). I’m bummed about that — but Spencer was a 9 pound baby. He’s probably only gained 21 pounds in his 4 years on this earth so I think something was up with that pregnancy. I’d prefer to go under 9 this time if I can.

And there you have it. Glucose intolerance in a handy blog entry. :)

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  1. says

    Don’t you wish you could have just written all this as it was happening? :)

    I’m glad you’re feeling better on the diet. Interesting stuff with the fasting intolerance. I’ve never really heard of that.

  2. says

    Are you saying they didn’t treat your glucose level of 37???!!! WOW. Even if they knew you had a thickly-honey covered pb sandwich, they should have made you eat it, wait, and check your blood sugar again to make sure you were o.k. REALLY. Was it a finger poke or blood draw? Our machines aren’t accurate for finger pokes for BG <60. We have to draw blood & send a stat BG into the lab for anything less than 60. What a bummer for you. I’m sorry.

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