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Well, wipe away the tears folks, because if you didn’t get a Christmas card YET from us, you’re not gonna. However, I have many blog readers who I also love so I thought I’d post it here, along with our letter.

Christmas 2008

Wanting to be all PC and get on the Obamawagon, we jumped on the change wave. We set out to change our whole lives. We only got to a few things but we’re proud of anything we accomplished. We’re parents after all. Here are just a few of the changes we made this year (it will be up to you to decide if it’s change you can believe in):

Drew’s wish of a lifetime was granted this year. We had been saving for a new bass trombone for him for years, and years (millennials, if you ask Drew). Our attention was always diverted by something – a new house, a new car, a new sweater for Hilary – but finally it is his. It has more insurance protection then our own lives, but let’s face it – it’s probably worth more.

Spencer took his first big step into his education by entering the Learning Adventures Pre-K Program. So far he is afraid of singing the Dracula song, is top notch at drawing and reading, but can’t figure out that your thumb goes on top when you’re cutting. Obviously, it’s pretty advanced.

Conner, full of the vim and vigor that only the genes of two exceptionally musical parents can give a boy, was eager to start band this year. After exploring the many options that we gave him (pick something that you can carry on your own), he decided on the trumpet. After buying the trumpet, and feeling like that was a pretty light expense we realized it would be far exceeded by the amount to sound-proof his room. He continues on the piano, and of course is doing great in 3rd grade, and enjoyed being baptized this year surrounded by friends and family.

The church lead us Californians on a crusade like no other this year, and after some consideration we donated ourselves to the cause, some of us more willingly than others. Hilary and the boys spent several hot afternoons knocking on doors sharing the joy that having a mother and a father can bring to a family, while screaming at her children to stop cowering behind cars “in case there’s a dog” and to pick up their bikes and pedal. Hilary thought about sending “The Election is Over” cards instead of Christmas cards, because that date was more awaited than any gift she will get.

In case you weren’t lucky enough to see our life in pictures, we took some great vacations this year (because why do it now that gas prices are all cute and low?). In April we went to Disneyland for a week. Hilary still has the lost and found looking for the soles of her feet. In June we packed up for almost an entire month and headed east to Yellowstone, Tetons and visiting family. We did both journeys without the aid of a DVD player or TV in our car, gasp all you want – but just wait til’ you see our upcoming TLC series “Two Kids and Dimented.” I mean, what’s more fun than the salt flats? The idea is to keep expectations low people.

Last but not least is the little matter of Hilary’s belly. She took great pride in losing two sizes at the beginning of the year, after realizing she had the portion size all wrong (hand, not head – anatomy was never her best subject). However, as of late it seems to be expanding. Word on the street (and the 10 ultrasounds she has had – you know, just to be “sure”) is that there’s a baby inside her – of the female variety. We are all very scared what kind of pink she will want or {gasp} a tiara, but we are ready to stand steadfast in the wake of this change – offering her fire trucks and dinosaurs and realizing that perhaps a little estrogen is just what this house needs.

A baby is the reminder of the season. That one so small can change lives and hearts in such a big way. In hopes that your hearts are as warm as ours we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Drew, Hilary, Conner, Spencer
and suspected female due in late April currently under the code name Fina.

Wishing all of you the merriest of Christmas, and in hopes for a great new year.

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