The human dichotomy for which I am.

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It’s a hard lot having pregnancy be your gig and your life. In the 5 years that I was not pregnant I re-gained my jaded outlook on the swollen bellies. However, the walls are falling, I’m remembering what it’s like.

My baby is a movah-and-a-shakah. I told my doctor she’s insane when we ultrasound her, and she laughed (my doctor is entirely NOT sarcastic — I am sure you could imagine with glee what our appointments are like, since my sarcasm rises exponentially to the size of my stomach). But then on went the gel and the transducer and wow… she is insane. This makes for some annoying times, I will admit. I have no idea what she’s doing but it bugs. But then it doesn’t bug. I’ve been the one on the other side of a transducer of a baby who’s not moving at all. At. All. I don’t want that baby, so move little one — just move a little more considerately, please.

Will it make me a nicer nurse? Most likely not. I remain that pregnancy is a condition you both got yourself into, and you have to live with. I do feel sorry for many of my patients, but I also remember that the real “fun” starts once it’s out. I try and remind myself of that part. It puts myself in check.

And yes, that is me at 26 weeks pregnant. That shirt is apparently WAY too loud for general consumption, why does no one stop me? Conner took it and I had to cut out many a water barrel and weed to get it this nice. I have a feeling that my hands and legs aren’t the only thing getting swollen, WHEN did my double chin come back to haunt me. {sigh} I lost the weight once, I can lose it again… say it with me…

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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