The Trimester of Doom and Gloom

If the 2nd trimester is the perky trimester, I think the third trimester is the one of doom and gloom. Really, I’ve been feeling really great, as long as I stay on my diet and don’t do anything particularly dumb.

Kaiser and I disagree on my weeks (just by one) but as I’ve floated into the next trimester (officially, even by my date) it’s all happening:

1. I’m swelling? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I’m only 26 or 27 weeks. I could barely get my boots zipped up yesterday for church. It’s not a ton, only a trace but still… I’m bitter. My plan is to really stick to the diet (I have had a few sugary things as of late, and perhaps that needs to stop — I am working it into the carbs in my plan — aka, I have a brownie instead of dinner, but it’s not actually “on the plan” — or, obviously, that great for me), do yoga at least 2 times a week (and cardio another 2 times/week) and make sure I’m getting my water in.

2. I’m bitter. Don’t get near me, I might bite. Seriously. Poor Drew, that’s all I have to say.

3. I was at J’s buying some stuff and the girl behind the counter said, “Man, you’re only 6 months?” I had Conner take some pictures of me before church yesterday, which I don’t particularly have high hopes for but I don’t think I’m THAT big yet. Oh, and see #2. :)

4. I am counting down the times I have to do things. I only have 3 more Costco trips before the baby’s born, and 3 or 4 more trips to the library. Two things I hate, and Costco isn’t that fun when you have a belly. Period. Oh, and see #2. :)

5. This kind of goes along with #4 but people are asking me when I’m due and I’m sure I always look at them with big eyes like “WHY THE HECK WOULD YOU ASK ANYONE THAT?” I’m always shocked people are noticing I’m pregnant and not just figuring I’m fat. My personal opinion is that I don’t ask if you’re due unless the baby is coming out, but whatever. At least I am actually pregnant. Unlike another friend of mine who was recently asked when she was due at playgroup. Her response, “2011”. Nice. Oh, and see #2. :)

6. Baby names. Thanks Amie for bringing this up. No, we don’t have a name. As my friends say “you will have a very warm name-less baby” (because of all the blankets with no name for said baby). We never have a name at this stage. We don’t even usually narrow it to 10 before 30 weeks. There are a few I’ve taken for “test drives”. I apparently only really like long names and that is a shame because my last name is also fairly long. It will not be Sophia or Chloe. Those are guranteed. Don’t be bitter if your child is named that (as MANY of my best friend’s childrens are) but wow, they are popular right now, aren’t they? We do call the baby “fina” because she is the big “finish” but it won’t be her real name. Althugh, I have tossed around “finale”. Whatcha think? :)

Anyway, I’m only 26 weeks and I hate nothing more then a pregnancy complainer. I think pregnancy is a way of life, not a condition. You live with it and move on, but it is interesting to see it all from the inside from time to time and realize that hormones are nasty little friends. Oh, perhaps you’d like to know that on this day of equality I am home alone with the munchkins while Drew swishes down the slopes. Perhaps you’d like to see #2 in your spare time… :) I have a dream….

Menu Plan Monday
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  1. says

    Men need to experience the pregnancy just for one day.

    Man, I am trendy. I hate being trendy. Not only am I one of your friends who has a child named Sophia or Chloe, I am one of your friends who has children named BOTH Sophia and Chloe. But thanks for not making the names more popular than they already are. Although Chloe hasn’t quite made it to the top 10 yet, thankfully. :)

    I wish there was some anti doom and gloom pill you could take, but HEY! 3 more trips to Costco! That is sooon!

  2. says

    Maybe I should have consulted you before I named Abby, which I did b/c I thought it wasn’t that popular. It ended up on the top 10list the next month.

    My friend at work got asked when her baby was due, and she said, “5 years ago.” Love those responses. People who ask that question deserve to be embarrassed!

    As for #2, go be crafty–it’s good for the soul! (Plus I like to see your scrapbook pages.)

  3. says

    I obsessively pour over the name indexes to chart popularity of names. I refuse to name my kids a top 10 name. I note names that are on the uptick in case I happen to choose Ava right on the way to exploding, as well as taking into account the historical data.

    I’m such a dork.

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