How OB’s try and get your hopes up

Why can’t OB’s be honest?

It’s something I’ve thought for a while, but as my own doctor was saying, “oh, I bet she’ll come early this time ” — for basically, no apparent reason I was like, “WHY DO YOU GET PEOPLE’S HOPES UP LIKE THIS?” And honestly, I think it’s part of the reason SO many people get induced early. Doctors have acted like the baby will come early all along, so when it doesn’t you would like him/her to back up that “gurantee”.

My doctor checked my cervix and did my GBS culture. “Well, you’re closed, high and thick, but your cervix is definitely soft.” (btw, my baby is so high I think she also did a sinus culture while she was in there)… I mean, it’s my 3rd baby… of course my cervix is soft.

I’ve actually had patients say, “this hurts — is it supposed to hurt?” (referring to labor) Now, I know in a perfect world all these women would go to prenatal classes, but they don’t. I wish doctors would educate a bit more.

And that is all.

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    So true. I was “expected” to go at least a week early (in my doctor’s defense I was 50% and a 2) and ended up getting indued 4 days late. Good times.