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Nasty little kidney stone bugging me all weekend. This evening it got ugly. Back started hurting, intense pain. Not my friend.

Went to the hospital, got some morphine and some IV fluids. Morphine was weird. For the first minute after I got it I had to remind myself to breathe. Didn’t have that reaction before, wasnt particularly fond of it, but it did help.

Dr. released me telling me if I had it again, and it wasn’t contractions to just take a vicodin and drink like a mad woman (I tried to drink it out tonight, drank almost 4 L before I went in… got another L while I was there). Glad to know I have something to do other than go get poked, etc.
My friend Rowena took me. Seriously, what a great friend. She kept me company the whole time, and drove me home. Can’t say enough nice things about her.

But now it’s 3:15 am and my nose is itching like CRAZY. I know it’s a side effect, and I think I even had it last time, I just never connected the two. So now I have morphine, a vicodin and benedryl on board. I even coated my nose with hydrocortizone but that didn’t help.
Can we say walking zombie tomorrow? Luckily, Drew’s already taken the day off. Spencer has a check-up and I’m pretty sure I won’t be up to functioning.

Gosh, this pregnancy sure is fun.

BTW, yes, you can take narcotics during pregnancy. You don’t want to take them with an impending delivery (you can take the stuff we give you in labor, just not morphine) because it does depress the baby’s respiratory drive, but since she’s not coming out any time soon it’s fine. We do it all the time in L&D.

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    Kidney stones!? Crazy. I’m sorry. Mike has a patient that gets chronic kidney stones and she said when she feels it, she takes the juice of a lemon and dilutes it with water and drinks it…she swears it helps pass or dissolve them.

    Anyway…best of luck.

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    Wow, poor you! I’m glad Drew is home…hopefully you’ll be able to sleep off the itch. I get that from the heavy narcotics, too…SUPER annoying more than anything!

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