Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Baby's Going to Come out My Mouth

No, it's not that I'm throwing up that much -- it's that I'm so darn HIGH.

Look at this picture -- it's all rightup there in my face.

I don't remember the other two being such high riders.

and yes, I do have more than one maternity outfit to wear to church -- just so happens this one tends to be on when I have a minute to have Conner take my picture.

At least I'm in focus this time. :)


  1. She does appear to be riding high! You look great!!

  2. I thought the same thing on Sunday. That baby wants to stay close to your heart I guess. She's gonna hold on for dear life. Already a problem child. Tisk tisk

  3. Wow. You are carrying high. I always carry very low, I'd imagine you can't breathe at all! She'll drop soon enough, hopefully. :)

    I still like that shirt quite a lot.

  4. Whao, she is high! Drop baby!

  5. That does not look comfortable. You kind of have an annoyed look about you too!


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