Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recipe Reviews

The America's Test Kitchen Pan Pizza is A-mazing! If anyone wants the recipe, lemme know. It's just a great pizza dough cooked in a cake pan (9 inch) with 3 tablespoons (I think next time I might just do 2 T) of olive oil. Some yummy homemade sauce with moz. cheese and pepperoni (they pre-cook the pepperoni for 30 seconds in the microwave to get off some of the grease -- and it helps it get crispier in the oven -- DElish). Anyway, Drew RAVED about it. In total it took about 90 minutes, but doable around homework help, etc. Five stars, fo sho.

Creamed Cabbage Soup -- actually really good. I'd say 4.5 stars. I really liked the creamy-ness with the cabbage, which I didn't know that I would. I used some turkey sausage instead of the ham. Missionaries liked it too.

Tonight I made the mexican Ramen Casserole It was SUPER fast and delish... really creamy and yummy. I'd make it again for sure, although I'd probably only give it 3.5 stars just because it's an easy fix, not something amazing. I couldn't find the chicken and mushroom noodles, so I made it with creamy chicken Ramen.

I'd urge you to try all 3.

In other news, Spencer lost our clicker for about an hour today. My lifeless-couch-existance flashed in front of my very eyes. He found it in the windowsill after we prayed about it. And he cried because I took away TV for tomorrow.

I'm mean, I know.


  1. Hey Hillary. I'm not sure if you remember me but I'm in your ward, we kind of talked a little at the fantastic friday activity. Anyway, I read your blog and I just wanted to tell you that I love it! You're so funny, and your family is so cute.

  2. Ew love the test kitchen. Hook me up.

  3. Me want pizza recipe. Email. Now.


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