At Least I Delivered SOMETHING today

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For those of you who are men who read my blog and are easily offended. Skip this entry. :)

I lost my mucus plug this AM. I’ve never lost it before. I was SO grossed out by it.

I am not a mucus fan. Back in the nursing home days I’d rather clean-out a guy’s colon than do trach care on another patient.

Anyway, I should now have the baby in the next couple of weeks.

I love it when patients come in all expectant like the baby will come out any minute, “I lost my mucus plug!” “and….?”

Let’s just say it’s not plugging anything. Sadly. I wonder if there’s research for the average time you give birth after said plug is expelled. I will have to google it. Yes, it turns out I was right — you will usually have the baby within 2 weeks.

Lucky, lucky me. BTW, the due date is today. Kaiser thinks it was last Friday — but the ultrasound said today so I’ve been going off of that. Had an NST this AM which was totally fine, more tests on Monday.

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    You go ahead and google and just let us know what you find out.

    I can tell you it was 2 weeks after I lost it to have Chloe. And basically, I lost it twice, because a new one formed after I lost the first.

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    I had three kids and never once saw my mucus plugs or noticed when they came out so I’m kind of curious about it (well, about seeing one only if it was mine and I was pregnant again). Enough rambling from me now. Good luck and fingers crossed for you that you have the baby long before 2 weeks!

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