Mom, what is labor?

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Home alone with 2 little boys.
The contractions are 10 minutes apart. Not sure if I’m willing myself into having them or what… they are painful though.
However, not near as painful as all the questions:

  • Mom, when are you in labor? Labor is when your cervix is opening — your cervix is the piece of tissue that holds the baby up — the uterus pushes the baby against it.
  • So, does your cervix open when you have contractions every 10 minutes? Usually it’s closer together, but some contractions don’t make the cervix open at all. I will most likely head to the hospital when they’re 5 minutes apart.
  • So, in how long will your contractions be every 5 minutes? No clue.
  • Will it take half as long as it took for your contractions to be every 10 minutes, for them to be every 5 minutes? (?)
  • Mom, who’s gonna watch us when you have the baby? same answers I’ve been giving ALL WEEK.
  • Mom, what’s a guterus (goo-terrace) — this one’s from Spencer? Spencer, it’s a uterus, it’s where the baby is.
  • Mom, can I play with your yoga ball? No.

Anyway, there are more — but currently they are bothering me more than the contractions. I guess when the contractions bother me more than the questions, it will be time to go.
Maybe we should put that in our labor precautions at the hospital. :)

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  1. says

    Ummmm…it’s almost 9 pm there in California. I expect that you’re at the hospital now. :)

    Word verify is “yowlific” which is how I imagine labor feels.

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