Over-doing It

I spent last night wondering if I was going to go into labor, or if water would start spewing out of my eyeballs first (for those of you wondering — if you start contracting, I always tell people to drink 3 VERY LARGE glasses of water — which makes a person feel a bit water logged after a bit). Uterus was very irritable, and I know exactly why. Lots of walking, lots of cleaning, lots of stretching and trying to get stuff under the crib. Every night I contract. Every night I vow the next day will be filled with me laying on the couch having grapes peeled for me and one of the boys with a palm frond fan.

It never happens. What’d I do today? Oh, I got up at 6:30 — made 3 loaves of pumpkin bread, and a batch of pumpkin cookies (I have a serious pumpkin over-stock). We also have another large group of errands planned for in about an hour.

My mom keeps asking me when I’m gonna get my burst of energy. I think she usually asks me this while I’m making dinner (and I’d rather be dead — dinner time’s not my favorite). I keep saying I think I got it when I was like 30 weeks.

I don’t know what compels me to go insane like this. I do feel the urge to do fun stuff with the kids over the break, but perhaps we could watch a movie on the couch, rather than making baked goods. I am dumb. And I also have cookies to take off the sheet now.

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