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I have been putting off packing my bags for the hospital. Wait, make that bag. I’ve had patients with 3 or 4 bags. I have one, a rolling suitcase — and then I’ll have the diaper bag packed the baby’s things for Drew to bring when he comes to get me.

So, what do you put in your bag? I must admit when people ask me I say there are 3 necessities:
1. Lip Balm
2. Scrunchie or appropriate hair clip to keep your hair up, out of the way and most importantly out of the anesthesiologist’s way when he’s taping your back-up (because, believe me you want the least amount of hair involved in that process)
3. Socks you are OK throwing away.

Of course, all of those 3 things are for labor. Other necessities can include gum (mostly for your partner, because they’re gonna be in your face), lotion (hospitals are SO drying) a bathrobe (so much nicer if you decide to walk) and slippers (because the floors in the hospital are gross. Period. As a side note, never bring your crawling baby to the hospital and let them crawl around. I want to die when I see it. I mean, we have great housekeepers, but they’re not miracle workers…

Now, I’m trying to figure everything else out.

  • Do I bring contacts? No.
  • Do I bring make-up? Yes, I’m just bringing eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss though
  • Oh crap, the sibling presents… they are now wrapped… which was painful. I know, it’s a sad way to start the relationship — but it sure puts it on the right foot right away, and it gives the kids something else to look at if they’re not enthralled with the baby.
  • What camera to bring? Most likely all of them.

Yipes. Just too much to think about. I’d get anxious, except having a baby in your lungs makes you feel anxious all the time…
I do get anxious thinking about the kids, them getting left while I do the deed, them coming to the hospital, how it’s all gonna work out. I think that was my least-expected, but hardest part about having Spencer. I BAWLED when I left Conner. To think that my choice changes his life for good it was just too tragic for me. that, and the fact I was having contractions every 2 minutes. Oh, and that he’d just thrown-up.

So, what do you bring to the hospital? I have some magazines and a few movies… I don’t plan on being in labor that long. I have a lot of plans, you know. :)

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  1. says

    I ended up being in the hospital for five looooooooooong days! Ugh.

    I hated my birthing experience. I delivered at a training hospital (didn’t know that going in)… it took them 5 times to draw my blood and blow a vein… 6 times to get my cathater in(no clue how to spell that), two times to get my epidural in… and then after 10 hours of labor and over an hour of pushing I ended up having to have an emergency c-section and my baby almost didn’t make it. And I woke up with no drugs in me… I’m allergic to NSAIDs so they didn’t get me anything??? It was such a horrible miserable experience. The only saving grace were the amazing post op nurses… bless them.

    Ok so this is way more than you wanted to know… but I guess my point is I wasn’t prepared to be there for five days and I didn’t really use any of the stuff that I brought because I was in too much pain to read or do anything including watching TV… I just laid there like a slug. The things that I loved and am so glad I brought… a water bottle, fuzzy socks and a cute nightgown that made me feel better…

    Ok, i’m done with this long, rambling post.

    I hope you’re experience is awesome and I can’t wait to see pictures and hear the name! Good luck!!!

  2. says

    No magazines or books for me. Since I don’t do epidurals, once I’m in the hospital it’s all about managing labor. Although, I wished I would have brought something like that with Sophie since I was induced and nothing really happened for the first couple hours. Just had to see what was on TV.

    Lip stuff is absolutely necessary, I agree.

    The books have these huge lists, and after I had Bria I discovered I used practically none of it, so I guess I’m a minimalist.

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