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Nothing’s going on, and I’m getting a little sad.
Actually, I’m getting depressed.
I really thought today would be the day.
I REALLY don’t want to get induced, but I had to do some fancy talking to let me doctor push me off til’ Wednesday. I won’t go into it all here, but I have about 12 risk factors that say I should’ve been induced last week.
But here it is Tuesday morning and I just want to walk around the house and cry.
Crying doesn’t induce labor — but it does make your husband (who has already started his parternity leave) nervous.
I don’t even have the will to IM or read blogs. I mean, I read a few — but I didn’t even comment. I did yoga for about 5 minutes, but then I started to cry… and yoga and crying don’t really mix…
That’s where I’m at people.
I guess I’ll go read my scriptures. I’ve said so many prayers this morning, I’m fairly sure God is tired of me.

In other news, today is the 8 year anniversary of my uncle’s death. I was kinda hoping he’d put in a word for my “upstairs”. He was one of the funniest, genuine and amazing men I ever knew. Our whole family still misses him tremendously.

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  1. says

    I know you don’t want to be induced but I have done both induction and natural twice. Honestly, being induced was much better. It is true that induction can lead to complications but often the person already had complications which is why they were in induced like in your case. Anyway, my point is not that you should be induced, just that if you have to be induced you shouldn’t worry. It really isn’t that bad…it often turns out just fine.

  2. says

    I second the inducing is just fine point. I just had my 5th induction last month and honestly wouldn’t do it any other way. Well, I don’t know what it’s like to go into labor naturally, so I’m not totally able to say that induction is better but I think it’s great. I know you don’t want to, so I’ll pray for you that you won’t have to and you’ll go into labor soon, but if you do have to be induced, hopefully it won’t be as bad for you as it is for others. Don’t worry – everything happens for a reason right? Maybe there’s a reason she’s not out yet. Smile – it’ll be over soon and you’ll have a beautiful baby girl to ooh and ahh over. :)

  3. says

    I’ve been induced every time. My body just doesn’t go into labor or stay there on it’s own…It’s not that bad, especially since you’re not getting induced BEFORE you’re due (did that, big mistake). Good luck!

  4. says

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that she’ll come on her own before tomorrow.

    But maybe just the gel will do the trick for you when you go in.

  5. miranda says

    My inductions went very well. I have done it both ways and I am glad I was induced with E when I was, otherwise it could have been a C-section or worse. I know that it worries you, but things will work out just fine for you and your little lady. Our prayers are with you as well.

  6. Jessie Moore says

    Hil- you sure do have alot of prayers going out for you and your family. We even called the temple so you have tons coming in all day! :) I hope that you have the peace and comfort you need and that whatever little screen door is thinking that she will be a lil more motivated to start moving.
    I sure do miss my Dad but what a wonderful day that she could be born on…someone who was so important to us was taken but someone that we are so excited for to be born on this day would be a blessing. We love you!!

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