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    That first picture is a crack up. YOu are no bigger than most other pregnant women with 11 days to go. I like your sweater, and at least you managed to get some family Easter photos. I barely got any of the kids this year. Sad./

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    I have to agree, there is a difference between “big” and “pregnant.” You aren’t big, you are just pregnant. In fact, I think you look pretty thin!

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    I love that S and C are trying to be like mommy in the first one!ha ha ha
    I heart you and think you look fantastic. I can only hope to look that good prego ;-)

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    I was just thinking how great you looked, despite being prego!!! You look awesome! Congrats! Only 11 days to go! YAY for you!

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    You look so good! The first pic is hilarious….keep trying boys! You’re almost going to be a girl mom…how exciting!