Halla to the 2 weeks.

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Guess who’s 2 weeks today. I know, you’re disappointed — no pictures, but she’s not even awake for the day yet… so I only have 12 minutes of freedom. :)

She’s bein‘ weird lately. Workin‘ her into the schedule… it seems like we have LONG periods of being awake, and then LONG periods of being asleep. I know you babywise moms are out there — any tips for that? Sometimes she cries for a long time at night. It’s all do-able — just talkin‘ to my babywise peeps. I’m still feeding every 3, keeping her up for an hour or when she seems to show cues of being tired and then laying her down… seems like I had this problem with Spencer and it somehow evened itself out.

In other news, guess who’s just 2 pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight here at the 2 week mark. I was pretty disappointed I didn’t lose more in the hospital, but it’s still shedding. I have my pre-pregnancy measurements — I should see if I lost any inches in other parts of my body. I haven’t started working out — the thing in the hospital said you could start at 2 weeks, but that just seems weird. When did you guys start working out after pregnancy? This stomach is pretty ugly. I can’t do any leg exercises because I think I had some pelvic separation and there are somethings that are REALLY painful to do and the pain continues for hours, and my PT told me not to do any strength training in my legs for a while. Anyway, that’s out. you can all hate me — but let’s remember that I didn’t get to eat much fun while I was pregnant. If you guys were on the GDM diet during pregnancy, you could be in your pre-pregnancy jeans too. :)

ETA: I put a weight loss ticker back up — it’s my total weight loss from when I started a long time ago — since I had the baby I’ve lost 18#. Just in an effort of full disclosure. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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