Help, I’ve Fallen into Monotony

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This morning I forgot my wallet at the grocery store (I left it at home, so I had to pack us all up, come home, get it and go back — at least it wasn’t stolen). It is probably the most excitement I’ve had all week (except for the belly button falling off).

Ugh, the monotony of it all. Wake-up, feed, try to keep awake, listen to a bit of crying, put to bed (where she must be swaddled within an inch of her life). Rinse and repeat.

Hour, by hour I feel like it’s my whole life now.

No lunch with friends, no spontaneous trips to the store. Just the above.

Well, mixed with a few school activities.

Add in the sleep deprivation and you realize why postpartum depression is just an uphill battle.

I tried to fight it with chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips, that were delicious, but too much so. Trying to eat consciously, which is hard with above said issues.

I am getting a spectacular amount done at home {I am not even being sarcastic here –I really am doing an amazing amount — because I’m home all day, every day}. Especially considering before I had her how little I was doing. Of course, no one notices, and regardless of how hard I clean or garden stuff still messes it up, and I have to re-do.

I have girls night on Saturday. I would probably be suicidal without that to look forward to. Just waiting for someone to get sick to ruin that….

Anyway, the days go by. Trying to savor it, and not scream.

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  1. says

    Hang in there! Or go get some happy pills. On second thought, if you’re like me, it’ll take both. :) Hooray for girls’ night.

  2. says

    Hang in there, I’m also impressed that you’re getting so much done at home. It was a sleep-deprived, painful (various parts of my body),
    frustrating time for me. Here YOU are taking beautiful photos, managing the house and garden, and being the warm, funny Mom and person that you always are.

    You rock, and I am proud to know you!

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