Much Better

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Doing much better this morning.

They sent the social worker to talk to me in the hospital, because I had checked the box for having had postpartum depression with C. It was a really good talk. I mostly asked her how you know it’s turning from the baby blues into something you should be more concerned about. She said when it follows you. You can’t shake it, ever. She said if things can’t make you laugh if you can’t see the bright side of things.

Last night P drank 3.5 ounces (and no, her name’s not piggie, although perhaps it should be) and when I sat her up to burp she had a GIANT one. For the first time I laughed, in like 3 days — like a real laugh, not everyone else is laughing so I’ll smile.

And the sun came out. At least for a bit. Oh, and I showered, and changed my clothes. Horray for the little things.

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