The Blessed Event

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I flipped through the old scrapbooks this morning.

Looked at Conner’s blessing* day. Almost all family who helped to bless them, including lots of extended family. Had a big lunch with all of them afterwards. It was a great day.

Looked at Spencer’s blessing day. Once again, a fair amount of family and the bishopric (Drew was ward clerk at the time). Did a luncheon just for family afterwards, and then an egg hunt (it was on Easter). Again, a very fun day.

And here we are today. Very little family, but amazing friends who support us like family and we are so grateful to have. We’re having a dessert party tonight. It’s most everything I couldn’t eat while I was pregnant. Yummm, dig in. ūüėČ With our friends we are sure to have a super fun evening (probably too fun).

This week I’ll be taking P out for her only “professional” pictures at JCPenny. Will they be better than what I take at home? Umm… no. They will, however, be the “look” that the other 2 had in their blessing outfits.

It just struck me how we try to do things the “same” with the subsequent children. It’s not as if anything else in our life is the same, but we try to keep theirs just like it was with an only child. But, part of that is good. It keeps the tradition, and it keeps my walls with their adorable little faces looking down at me, all tiny and new — with that lovely JCPenny backdrop.

Today P, we will bless you, like you bless us every day. It’s great to take a day and realize her whole life is in front of her. To realize that Heavenly Father is trusting us with her. To realize how blessed we all are. What a blessing.

* For our non-member friends out there, our church doesn’t do a “christening” or “baptism” at birth (we do baptisms at age 8), the fathers did give the babies a “name and a blessing” at church — they are usually blessed with things like making good choices, being married in the temple, loving their family, etc. It’s not a requisite ordinance but it’s kind of way for the ward to welcome the baby into the world. Pretty low-key, all things considered. Men who hold the priesthood are able to participate. My parents are here, and we’ve invited a few close friends to help out.

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    Blessing days are the best. I’m assuming you’ll have pictures of your darling in her outfit?

    So true about how we try to keep things the same when in reality NOTHING is the same! I guess I just always wanted the later kids to know we liked them just as much as the first!

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