Monday, July 06, 2009

Sweet Times

It's times when every single child in your home is bawling that you have to remember the sweet times.
Yesterday at church P was staring SO hard at S -- just trying to get his attention through staring at him. Finally I poked him and told him that Paige was lookin' at him. When he looked up and looked at her, her eyes got all big and she got the biggest grin. It was quite frankly one of the cutest moments I've ever witnessed. Frankly, P isn't a giant fan of S. He tends to be kinda rough with her and while she doesn't hate it, she's just not in love with it.
So, to see that happen was extra special.
And, it kept me awake.
Which was needed at church.


  1. That's cute!
    She's cute.
    Spencer is cute...
    Cute cute siblings!

  2. So adorable. They'll be best of friends eventually. :)

  3. Mikell4:53 AM

    awwwwww. i love how to get a baby to smile all you have to do is smile... that is if they are not already crying


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