First Day: A Nervous Reversal.

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Today is a very special day…. a very, very, very special day….
Today is the day we’ve waited for.
They say it’s the first day, nar-nar-nar-nar-nar-na (aka, they say it’s your birthday).
I was running out of songs to sing as the kids were getting ready for school today (btw, the poster helped today, plus I think it’s adorable wall art). I must admit, it was a bit of a rush out the door. Just hard to take care of all the needs, and I NEED to pack lunches the night before, that’s just all there is to it.
We didn’t get to school before the first bell, and I had to park about 12 miles away (considering parking kind of far a few days a week, just to give us time to talk and walk.. and maybe I can jog back to the car … in my own personal dream world). We hurried to Sencer’s class. He did fine, walked right in, talked to his teacher (he looked a little scared when he saw her, but I reminded him that she was Jessica’s Kindergarten teacher, and he was pretty happy with that — figured she must be alright). I did really well. I was startin’ to get a bit teary as we turned the corner. Perhaps mostly because we didn’t have the teacher we’d expected and I knew that’d be different for all of us. But, once we got in it wa all smiles and I was good to go. I felt bad that I couldn’t be the mom that helped him go sit down, but I had P outside and Conner had already run to his class, and I told him I’d see him before the bell rang… anyway, he did great. So happy for Spencer, he’s so ready for this. I wish I was just as ready. Luckily, K was less than 2 hours and we were actually in a meeting with the pricipal for most of it. I’m glad to have my little buddy home for a few more lunches together. Kids seem to spill more info when food is involved.
Then it was off to Conner’s class. I must admit I was much more comfortable over there, with parents I knew and enjoyed. However, as I peeked in I saw a very nervous Mr. Conner. His teacher is not known for allowing tom-foolery, and they were all silent, already working on an assignement. He REALLY wanted this teacher, but now that it was a reality, he wasn’t sure this was all it was gonna be. But, it is what it is and I know he’ll end-up loving him. Everyone I know does, and heavens knows a cut-down on tom-foolery would a welcome addition to our home.
New challenges, new friends and new routines. Bring it on.

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    Wow, I can’t believe how grown-up Spencer looks…has it really been so long since we’ve seen you guys!? Good luck with school…we start ours in a couple of weeks.

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    Your boys are really, really cute! I was trying to think of the last time I saw you and it may have been when Meg and I came to see you after you had Connor-whenever it was, it has been way too long!

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