Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

Here's the bad news, if you haven't gotten a card from me yet, you ain't gonna get one.

My apologies.

Here's the good news, I'm posting it here. The even better news is that if you email me your address, perhaps you can get on next year's list!

Neverland seemed to more than just a Halloween theme for us…

On April 29th embarked into our personal NEVERland by having our third child. Her name is P (actual name included here). We NEVER thought we’d have 3… although, having 3 makes me want to sprinkle fairy dust on myself and fly away (although sometimes we would have problems thinking of a wonderful thought). We love her to pieces, and by some miracle, she is not ACTUALLY in pieces (yet, knock on wood). She’s a great sleeper, smiler and tolerates Hilary adding bows and flowers to her excessive wardrobe.

Drew took an entire 2 weeks off of school for the arrival of our sweet P. He also has had a great year playing Cub Scout Dad fulfilling his forever-long calling as Ward Choir Director, enjoying the kids in music at school, and loving his new little girl.

Conner has had several visits to Neverland. He’s never going to tie his shoes, never going to keep a jacket more than a month, and never remembers his homework. In his spare time, he is in Math Olympiad (a competitive math group at school – and yes, I am serious on this one… but wait, there’s more) and FSEA (Future Scientists and Engineers of America – really, let’s just put tape on his glasses now). He is also playing the trumpet in band and is looking to buy suspenders to pull his pants up to his nipple line.

Spencer {sigh} is growing up. We never thought he’d make it, but this year Spencer is in Kindergarten. He is absolutely loving showing off all his sweet skills and in a truly un-Erickson fashion is able to complete the monkey bars entirely on his own. In his spare time he likes to play, bother his brother, be bothered by his brother and make goofy noises at P.

Hilary has enjoyed some quality time off of work from our new little addition. She was able to split her family leave and take a portion during marching band. Prior to having the baby Hilary birthed several kidney stones & grew her legs to the size of tree trunks. On a rather embarrassing note, Hilary bought a wheat grinder and while her calling and election is now made sure she is embarrassed to show her face in public. Perhaps Drew can buy her a burka for Christmas. I’m not sure what I can wear to France….

This year has brought us amazing blessings, and for this we can only thank our Savior, and are happy for the time we get to celebrate His life & birth. We are so grateful for the roll he has in our lives. We hope he has blessed you in similar ways. With all our love.

Here's to a very merry Christmas for all of you. May we all be safe and happy this holiday season!

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