Menu Plan Monday

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I really enjoyed not having to cook while we were gone.
Also, if you read my weight loss blog (click to the right) you’ll see this week I’m going to count calories at points… just to get fuller picture.  And frankly, I just have a ton of spare time.  Don’t you?
Without further adieu, this week’s plan includes:

  • BBQ Chicken and Potato Salad — sounds like a yummy summery meal, doesn’t it? Potato Salad is 4 points, but I will most liley use real bacon and increase the point value by 1 or 2… Drew hates turkey bacon)
  • Spanish Rice Bake — I’ve had this in my “try me” pile for a while… looks tasty, and quick to prepare! 8 points
  • Pollock Montreal and Rice Pilaf – is anyone else noticing this is on my list quite a lot?  No, we haven’ had it, I just think I need to get more excited about fish! 7 points
  • Spanish Tortilla — I can’t find dried chorizo, so we’ll be using a full-flavor salami. 16 points (and 714 calories!!!!, yipes!)
  • Pizza (the Food Nanny recommends having pizza night once a week just because it’s fun for kids… there’s so many different toppings, I’ll plan to just use up something in my fridge!)
  • Carbonara Pasta
  • Sausage Risotto 8 points (beacuse I’m only using 1/2 the called for sausage)
  • Tuna Melts (I have an old pillsbury recipe that combines tuna, mayo, crushed pineapple — which I need to use-up from my fridge — , celery and topped with cheese — they’re quick easy and kid-friendly)

Once again there are probably too many options, but I like options.  Don’t you? :)  Also, the Food Nanny has families plan out their menus 2 weeks in advance.  Part of me really likes only having to do this every other week. :) 

BTW, the food nanny drives me to the brink of insanity, but she does have a lot of good ideas for families trying to have good dinner times together, and while health and a balanced diet are really important, so is enjoying the dinner together as a family!

Happy Eating!

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