Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo Friday: Perfection :)

Well, first off -- last weekend we had some serious date night.  Conner, I and Paige were relegated to the home spot where we made muddy buddy chex mix and crepes.  It was a lot of fun, fatty fun.  We also played some wii and laughed ourselves silly at some old Wipeouts we had taped.  Conner did a good job at helping with the crepes, and we know that's no easy task!  We even got some pointers from our friends on You Tube before trying it out -- I think it may have actually helped. :)

And this little one looked SO darn cute on Sunday I couldn't help but photograph.  I loved this one in black and white... she looks so old fashioned and grown -up -- and that's rare since she's still my baby and loves her technology. :)

But, here you can see her amazingly adorable red bow.  Is she a fashion diva or what?

And not to be undone by their little sister, the brothers needed to get in on the act.  This fine fellow had a great parent teacher conference this week.  I was so proud of him after it.  I hate to let my kids know that they're TOO amazing, but this one sure is.  Even after starring in the school play he still got amazing test results, is being a bit less fidgety at school and {gasp} hasn't lost a single jacket....  In this nice warm weather we're having.  :)  I love how he still looks a little goofy and little in this shot.  I'm pretty sure I made a fart sound before I took it.  Got him a new blazer at kid to kid.  I think he looks pretty darn smart.

And these two, they sure do love each other!

I know!  A picture of myself.  Despite how my eyes look like I'm a pirate in this photo... I like it how I'm sitting there and then P is behind me waiting to attack.  She's like that, you know.  Thanks to Conner for his sweet photography skills.  Oh, and why do my gums take up 1/2 of my teeth?  It's fairly unfair how my smile is far too gumm-y.

This one is also pretty darn great.  We don't have his conference til' next week but I love how he's turning into a great student in first grade.  He, apparently is aware of his gumm-y smile because he was unwilling to show teeth....

And wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles ... all 3 LOOKING AT THE CAMERA.  Did you guys just hear on the news that hell froze over?  Yeah, that was pretty weird too. 

And, because no documentation of this week in our life would be perfect without a few of my fine finger, I give you a pictorial to advance kitchen safety.... 

Do you see the top stitch in this photo above -- and then there's a long stitch and it's reaching to the middle of my fingernail.  You might just think he left one of the stitches too long.  Oh no, that's where the end of it is.  That's right, through my fingernail (meaning he had to dive under my nail bed to get there).  Yesterday, I just realized I will get to feel them take them out.  Not looking forward to it people.  Anyone want to give me something to bite on?

Anyway, it is feeling better, and those of you that are faint of heart can thank me for leaving these pictures small.  You can always click on them to blow them up if needed.  I know I'll be doing that.  To REALLY feel my pain. :)  Also, thanks to Conner because I just couldn't get a good focus on my finger while being behind the lens.  Someone else is turning into a bit of a photographer as well.

Did I happen to mention that after hours of itching my nose, I think an ulcer might be rearing its ugly head after too much ibuprofen.  I think God is wanting me to suffer.  Anyone else?

Happy weekend everyone.  Let's make it safe, shall we?


  1. OH MY GOSH! OUCH, Hilary!! Your finger looks so painfully painful:(
    I hope it heals quickly. I don't ever want to see that picture again. Your kiddos are so stinkin' cute. Those are some seriously adorable photos, I just had to comment. I've been stalking your blog for a while now and feel it is time to reveal myself :) Love it by-the-way!

  2. You are so entertaining!

    I, too, sliced my finger but the nail stopped the knife and after I finally got the bleeding to stop just applied a tourniquet bandaid. I guess my knives are not as sharp as yours. That's my kitchen safety PSA.

    And your photos, children and stories are awesome.

  3. Often times when I am using my knifes I think about the sharpening tool you feature in your favorites once. I still need to get one, but maybe it's a good think my knives aren't that sharp. Truly looks painful. I hope all heals well and I must agree P is adorable in that dress.

  4. Ok, ouch on the finger. Still feeling bad for you. But oh, how cute are your kids. Your little Diva in her hat...I tell you our girls would be kindred spirits, of course when they get old enough not to take each others hats!!
    BTW..I really like your pic as well.

  5. LOVE the pics and your Friday posts. :) I can hold your good hand when they take out the stitches . . . sorry for bringing that up last night. Eep.

  6. Beautiful pics of your family Hil! And the one of your finger makes me go weak in the knees...

  7. Thank you for the pics:) Ouch!

  8. Those are some beautiful kids ... and NASTY stitches.


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