Halloween, and a few more photos

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Honestly, I’m not sure anything gives my heart a little more joy than seeing a little person in a costume. 
Take this:
I mean, when was the last time you saw something cuter then that?  Not for a while, I would assume.  Well, unless you saw my flintstones entry below already… We are all quite cute in that.  I just saw a little darth vader and Cinderella walking to a party.  My heart was definitely happy.
But I mean this to say that Halloween is SUCH a happy holiday for my kids.  It aids in imagination, working together, family and fun.  What more could you want?  I’m VERY strict on nothing evil or scary — Drew was once Darth Vader and I think that was scary enough for all of us.
I feel sorry for people who don’t do halloween because they think it’s evil.  I mean, seriously?  Personally, I think something is only evil if you LET it be evil.  I also think that being scared is something that is kind of fun.  Not being TOO scared, but just doing something that you’re a little afraid to do…  I know sometimes it took some will of my own to go talk to some of the older people who lived around us when I was little — but did it in the happy persuit of candy.
Anyway, I am sorry if you’re one that doesn’t do halloween, but I’d encourage you to take what you don’t like out of the holiday, and not let it into your home and then just go HOG WILD on the rest of it.  I hope that our family costume tradition is something our kids will remember for a very long time.
In other news, the boys are in Karate… and while I was uploading that last picture from my phone, I thought I’d share this one:
That S is a flexible little dude.  I hope he has full splits by the time the class is done. :)
Oh and one final piece to the Halloween puzzle.  Conner had a flip-out when I informed him that he would have one more year of trick or treating and then it was time to retire.  I think it’s important to keep in mind that Halloween is for the littles.  I think when you keep it focused on little kids and how much fun they can have everything looks a little bit brighter.  Even my own splits. :)
Oh, and if you liked our halloween costumes, don’t be afraid to link to it on your own blog.  I could use a little traffic.  Even if they don’t have to use their own legs to propel them (get it, flintstones car…)

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  1. says

    That P is just too cute! And I love your thoughts on Halloween and taking what you can out of a holiday. Here’s to making it fun for the littles!

  2. says

    I was thinking I’d let B go for 2 more years. I was 12 the last year I ever went.

    Of course, in our neighborhood, all I get at the door are college students, so I’m not sure how I’ll explain that one away…

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